Saturday, October 19, 2019


So as if it isn't glaringly obvious, I have severely neglected this blog. I always have the best of intentions to keep writing and keep it updated but life gets in the way and I'm just bad at it.
I won’t be making anymore promises of more frequent updates but I will post when I can here and I have been a bit more active on Instagram and Facebook.

For Mother’s Day this year my wonderfully sweet husband bought me a Cricut Air Explore 2! It took me a bit to bust it out and start crafting but I have made lots of items so far and now that he also gave me an Easy Press I can start making items with Heat Transfer Vinyl. I am so excited for all of the possibilities! One of the other projects I just discovered is Hair Bows!

They are so fun and easy to make I am addicted, for now I’m starting with Halloween bows but I also have my eye on some other holiday patterns as well as mermaid and unicorn bows!
The items I used are Faux Leather sheets from amazon, there are a TON of options to pick from but these are my favorite brand.
You also need alligator or French hair clips and of course your hot glue gun.
You will also need a template to cut out your bows. There are a bunch in Etsy or if you’re feeling creative you can make your own!
Oh and I also made the display cards using a template I purchased here and some card stock! So easy and fun!

Happy Crafting!