Monday, October 5, 2015

Ariel Graph Pattern

Hi everyone!!!
It's been a long time since my last post! Family life has been busy and things have gotten in the way, BUT, it is a new(ish) month and I'm recommitting myself to this blog!

SO, it seems like graphgans, pixel blankets and the graph corner to corner (C2C) and bobble stitch blankets are very popular now, so with that in mind I am introducing my very first paid pattern. I'm super excited about it (it's listed for sale on both Etsy and Ravelry)

It's a very simple pattern and it even gives you the guide for the yarn colors.

This graph can be adjusted to use for different types of blankets. I'm using the C2C method because I'm impatient and don't like to take forever on a project.
I use a 6.0mm hook with my C2C blankets and if you want you can use a chunky blanket and a larger hook.
If you would like to make this a large blanket you can use the pixel method like Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me. She does small tight granny squares and sews them together.

This particular graph is 45x65

I will be adding more graphs to my collection! Stay tuned!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Elsa and Anna Hats

I had so much fun making these hats!
Now, unfortunately I didn't come up with the patterns and they weren't free, BUT they were a pretty good value and I would recommend them because they work up pretty quick!!

The listing for the FINISHED HATS is here.

The listing for the PATTERNS is here. 
*One quick note on the Elsa pattern, it is called for to thread your bead on the yarn when making the crown, I found it much easier to thread it onto the pipe cleaner instead*

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crochet Pacifier Clips

I first started making pacifier clips after my first daughter was born over 4 (sniff sniff) years ago. Little did I know at the time that she would want absolutely nothing to do with the pacifier and so all the pretty paci clips I made went to waste. Then I decided to sell them and that's when I first joined Etsy. There are so many types of ribbon out there that I was overjoyed with the possibilities. As much as I like how they look I was always turned off by the Velcro and was looking for a better solution.

So now that I can crochet better I looked into patterns for pacifier clips. There are a bunch! most of them are pretty basic and I like that, that means I can change them! The first one I did was a plain off white in 100% cotton (because hello, drool) and instead of Velcro or snaps I decided to do a chain loop at the end. This way I think it is more secure and you don't have to worry about ends fraying or glue coming off the Velcro. (if you want to use Velcro and don't suck at sewing like I do that's of course an option. but although I have a sewing machine, i'm terrible at it so I stick to no-sew options)

So here in this post is a quick crochet pacifier clip pattern!
*Please do not sell this pattern, but feel free to sell any items made from it, just please link back to me.*

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crochet Amigurumi Robot

This little guy (and girl) has been one of my absolute favorite things to make. I am always looking for a new project so when I discovered the bi-monthly club kit from Freshstitches I couldn't wait to join and get my first project.

What's the kit club? Well, every other month you get the yarn, pattern and any embelishments needed for your amigurumi project. It is lots of fun and I highly recommend it. Stacey- the owner and designer/creator at freshstitches is very involved with the crocheters in her Ravelry group and if you have any questions about anything she is very willing to answer them. I also enjoy seeing everyone's different variations.

I had a lot of fun doing this project, and (for now at least) the pattern is only available to club members. But I am stoked to try the next one (I have to wait a whole month now!)

I will be listing this guy up for sale in my Etsy shop for anyone who wants one!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Taking better photos for your blog

Taking better pictures has always been a challenge for me. I bought myself a Light Box years ago and when I got it I didn't really understand how to use it properly. I still have a slight learning curve (i.e. I suck at taking pictures) but I think I'm starting to get better.
I set up a picture taking station in my craft room which consists of a small foldable table (I like it because I can adjust the height) my light box (for small items) and numerous fabric backdrops ready to go. I have them clipped in binder clips and hung on command hooks. this comes in handy for the bigger projects that can't use the light box. *although I still use the lights.

This is what that looks like...pardon the mess.

If you click on the picture you can see where I labled all of the parts. Now, from this setup, I was able to get this photo.
not bad right?
And here is my light box set up
The key is to keep trying. Experiment with different things. Maybe you have a perfect spot in your yard, (nothing is better than natural light, IMO) Keep playing around until you are seeing what you love show in your photos. Let your work shine! Aside from making the project itself I get just as much joy when I can capture it's beauty in a good quality photograph.**
I am in no way saying that I am a pro photographer, far from it. This is just a very small, IMO easy way to get started with taking better photos. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crochet Baby Cocoon

I got this simple pattern from Ravelry and changed it up a bit. I just love how it came out and can't wait to make more colors.

Making baby photo props has become one of my go-to projects when I'm looking for something quick. A cocoon like this one takes about 2 hours, less if you use a bigger hook. You could also tighten this up and use a smaller hook to create more of a basket effect. I love the white but I am looking to try it in a brown.

I was lucky again to have my work photographed by the very talented Laurie Brandt at Laurie Brandt Photography. She is amazing!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Huggy Bear Amigurumi Pattern

After taking a pretty awesome Craftsy class and lots of practice I have finally finished my first Amigurumi pattern! It was easier than I thought, and while it's not perfect I'm pretty proud of this little bear and my 4 year old is the proud owner of the very first one.
So here it is, the Huggy Bear Amigurimi pattern. It is free, and available for download here.
 If you make one of these little guys (or girls) I'd love to see pictures.

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