Friday, December 7, 2012

Snowman Hats!

OMG I'm obsessed with these hats. I found the pattern here. The only thing I did differently was add the crochet roses from my yarn wreath post to accent the adorable top hat.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Yarn Wreath- Winter Edition

Pretty right?

This one was very easy, I used some chunky yarn in 3 colors, Grey, a teal and a varigated green/blue purple.

The roses were croched from a very simple pattern, as long as you can do the main crochet stitches you can make these flowers.

Crochet Rose: (found on youtube but I'll write it out for you)

Use any size yarn/hook depending on how large you want your rose to be. I used 2 different size hooks here.

Leave a long tail for sewing CH 28, sc across, turn work. *sc, hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc, sc, [all in same stitch]  slip stitch,* repeat to last stitch, do puff stitch. (yo, go in hole of last stitch, yo, pull out, yo (until you have 5 loops on hook) yo and pull through all stitches, cut yarn and sew into shape. Hot glue onto wreath, or sew into scarf or anything else you want to use them for!