Tuesday, January 24, 2023

My New Sewing Machine! Janome HD5000BE

Before I get into the fun stuff with my new sewing machine, I would like to say a fond farewell to my Brother SE-400. It gave me many good years of sewing and I'm sad to see it go, I just don't use the embroidery like I thought I would and I needed a machine that can handle thicker layers since I'm getting more into bag making. 

With that being said, my new machine is a Janome HD5000BE, I LOVE this machine. It's mechanical so there was a slight learning curve for me, but other than that it has been a joy to use so far. The threading is easy and it still has a top loading bobbin that I was already used to, I think it's a great next step up for me since I'm no where near ready (and don't have the space) for an industrial. 
It does everything I need it to without all of the bells and whistles, it is sturdy, and the stitches look fantastic. I keep the zipper foot on 95% of the time but when you do have to switch feet it is a low shank machine so the snap on ones are great, but if you do have to switch the whole foot out that's easy too with the screwdriver. My machine came with the quilting kit which came with extra feet, which will be nice if I ever need them but for now this is great. I found an extra narrow low shank zipper foot which has become my favorite.
The HD stands for Heavy Duty and yes it can handle multiple layers of faux leather, vinyl and even denim. I wanted to get into more than pouches with different materials and I am confident I won't have any issues with this machine. I will post some of my projects at a later time, but for now, back to sewing!