Monday, December 23, 2013

Personalized Baby Stats Info Subway Art

I made one of these for both of my girls and now I have added them to my shop.
They are fully customizable, and I just acquired some new clip art (licensed for commercial use) with some really fun images, Superheroes, Princesses, Baby Animals, Star Wars and more!

I haven't had a chance to update the shop with the new image choices yet, but a quick email to me and I can let you see the full range of choices easily. these can also be made for older kids and would be great birth announcements or like I have, keepsakes for their bedrooms.

The only thing that isn't customizable is the font- however I am considering making up different font styles in the future- these will have a different look.

For pricing and other options please visit my Etsy store.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Loom Knit Red Sox Dog Sweater

Loom Knit Red Sox Dog Sweater

This sweater was made on the Red Knifty Knitter Loom. And the Red Sox “B” is a crochet applique. This dog is 11” from neck to tail and this fit perfectly.

When you are knitting a project like this one that requires leg holes before you start you should mark on your loom where your leg hole stitches will be. I use 4 stitches as a guide and I center them off of the starting peg. I mark mine by writing on my loom with sharpie but you can easily use stitch markers instead.



Super bulky yarn in grey, and red

Bulky yarn in white for outline

Red Knifty Knitter loom

Loom tool

Crochet hooks 5.5mm (for “B”) and 4.5mm (for outline)

Tapestry Needle




E-wrap cast on
E-wrap for 10 rows
Make brim (if you need help with this there are tons of YouTube videos)
Starting with row 11, e-wrap around to last peg, do not join! For the next row e-wrap in the opposite direction, this will make an opening at the bottom of the sweater.
Continue alternating e-wrap for 10 more rows
Row 21- make leg holes 

(This diagram is for the small blue loom but the same principal applies, also ignore the part about the cables that was for a different sweater)

I'm going to name the pegs A and B, A being the peg on the left and B on the right. Take B, put it on peg A, so now you have two loops, knit off stitch, place back on peg B. it sounds complicated but it's really easy. Then continue for the next 3 pegs until you have 4 empty pegs. After you have your 4 empty pegs, wrap your working yarn around them as a foundation for the next row and continue on knitting around the loom again until you get to your next leg hole pegs, repeat cast off of 4 stitches, and finish the row.

After the leg holes are made, continue with the e-wrap and turn pattern for 25 more rows (a total of 46 rows- this includes collar rows)
Cast off the same way you made the leg holes, leave a 6” tail. You will have a loop left, just weave your tail yarn through the loop and secure into the inside of the sweater. Now turn sweater inside out and sew up the seam ½ inch below the leg holes to the collar to close. Weave in end.
That’s it for the main sweater. If you would like to add the applique, please follow this pattern and sew onto sweater.

Happy Knitting!

*You may sell items from my patterns, all I ask is that you credit my blog*

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello Kitty Party

This past weekend was my oldest daughter's 4th birthday party! Today is her actual birthday and while I'm still coming down from the weekend I thought I'd share her birthday party. It was Hello Kitty themed and she loved it. I had a lot of fun planning it and luckily for me HK is absolutely everywhere so it wasn't too hard to find ideas for the party.

First were the invites, these were again done by my lovely friend. She did an amazing job as usual!
Everything after that pretty much fell into place, I decided to go with a small HK cake and coordinating cupcakes. All of the toppers were purchased at Party City. The cake pan and cookie cutters were from Amazon. For the round chocolate decorations on the cake, I got those at JoAnn fabrics in the cake section. They were an easy add on and a less painful way to decorate than piping all of the detail on the cake.
We did another bounce house this year, even though it was much colder than last year all of the kids still had a blast
Door sign from Etsy
Cookies were decorated with edible markers

She's 4!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


         I love the fall. I love the leaves, I love the colors, I love the crisp air, I love football and I love taking pictures. I'm still learning my camera (Nikon D3100) but anytime I can I'm enjoying snapping some pictures of the season. This year I was lucky and able to get some great pictures of the leaves. I had my camera on the P setting and seemed to have good luck with it. I'm trying not to use the flash whenever possible and staying away from Auto mode.
I'd love to take some photography classes at some point but for now I'm just going to practice!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Princess Beanie Pattern

For Halloween this year my little one is going to be Sleeping Beauty, a cute headband came with her costume but for where we live she needed something warmer to go trick-or-treating with her sister. So I decided to make her a hat with a gold crown applique.

For the hat I used Loops and Threads Charisma yarn in pink with a 5.00mm hook.
For the crown I used Vanna's Glamour Yarn in Gold. I also bought the silver to try and it looks just as cute! This is a sport weight yarn so I used a 3.75mm hook.
This hat was made in size 3-6 months and I follow the template from Sarah over at Repeat Crafter Me.

Bulky yarn and 5.00 hook was used for this hat.

Pattern   (3-6 months):
Round 1: Magic Ring DC11 into ring, join to first DC, ch2
Round 2: 2DC around, join to first DC, ch2
Round 3: *2DC, DC in next* around, join to first DC, ch2
Round 4: *2DC, DC in next two* around, join to first DC, ch2
Round 5: *2DC, DC in next 10* around, join to first DC, ch2
Round 6-11 DC in each around, join to first DC, ch2
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Crown Applique: Pattern modified from Little Frills Designs
Ch 13 loosely
Row 1: SC in 2nd stitch from chain, sc across, turn
Row 2: DC across, turn
Row 3: SC across, turn
Row 4: *Ch3, skip 1, SC into next st* repeat 4 times so you have 5 "loops"
Row 5: Ch6, 1 DC into first loop, ch4, DC into next loop, ch6, 1 DC into next loop, ch4, 1 DC into next loop, ch6, 1 DC into last loop slip stitch into last st, turn
Row 6: HDC 6 into first loop, HDC 4 into second loop, HDC 2, DC 2, HDC 2, into third loop, HDC 4 into fourth loop, HDC 6 into last loop. Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew the applique to the hat, gloves, headband or whatever it is needs the royal treatment.
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ceiling Fan Re-Do!

For my birthday this year my awesome husband bought me a mini ceiling fan for my craft room/office. Before it was installed I decided I would spruce it up a bit with some fabric and Mod Podge.

I still have a ton of this damask fabric leftover from when I did the window treatments so I figured I would have everything match.

Materials Needed:
Mod Podge (MP)
X-acto knife
Paint Brush

First, I laid out the blades and traced the outline onto the fabric. Then I put a thin layer of MP down on the blade and laid the fabric on top. I set them aside to dry for a couple of hours. I then followed with 3 coats of MP on top of the fabric to seal it. After everything was dry I used the x-acto knife to make the holes for the screws in the fabric and clean up the edges.
Then I installed the hardware and had it installed!
I love my present!

And I made a matching light switch plate as well!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Heart Newborn Beanie

My newborn had a 15" head at almost 6 weeks old, so this should fit a newbie right out of the oven with room to spare if you need to adjust the pattern, try going up or down in hook size before messing with the actual pattern.
Pattern is for newborn size only.

Bulky yarn in contrasting colors
5.00mm hook
tapestry needle

1: Magic circle, ch2, dc10, join with sl in first dc, ch2 (10)
2: 2dc in each stitch, join, ch2 (20)
3: Dc, 2dc around, join, ch2 (30)
4: Dc, dc, 2dc around, join, ch2 (40)
5-10 Dc around, join, ch2
11: sc around in contrasting color join weave in ends

Magic circle, ch3
*all sts are done in loop, pull closed when finished.*
3trc, 3dc, ch1, 1trc, ch1, 3dc, 3trc, ch2, sl st into center, pull closed, leave tail for sewing, attach to hat, weave in ends.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Owl Amigurumi Family

Our family of four!

For this project I followed the pattern from Sarah over at Repeat Crafter Me. This was a really cute project that I completed in just a couple of days before our baby girl was due. I added a 4th owl and made a couple of adjustments to the number of repeats for the baby owls so that they would be different sizes.

 I also used safety eyes instead of sewing them. I also didn't sew the wings to the body, I like that they stick out. I really enjoyed making these and had fun with the color combinations!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Newborn Shadow Box

You may have noticed I have not blogged for a while, well, that's because I gave birth to our new baby girl a couple of weeks early! It was a very welcomed surprise because this mommy was very uncomfortable those last few weeks she was cooking!
Well now that she's here and we've settled in a bit I can resume working on the blog, I've missed it!
For this first post back I wanted to share the shadow box that I made for her room.


8x8 shadow box from Michaels
1 sheet of scrapbook paper
Hat from the hospital
birth announcement

I probably should've used a bigger shadow box but I like that it's simple and there isn't too much going on in there. The scrapbook paper is already pretty busy and I still wanted to be able to see it.
So, here it is!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ombre Yarn Letters

I tried making some letters for the new baby's room, and they came out cute, but look like there more for an older girl's room than for a nursery. So I decided to go in a different direction and start over.
These were the original ones.
 The original letters were done with 8x8 canvases, some letters, buttons, ribbon and a shit ton of glitter! These match the chevron blanket that I made but overall the new letters go with the nursery much better.

New letters from Jo-Ann with Lion Brand Baby's First cotton yarn
Letters from Jo-Ann Fabrics
Lion Brand Baby's First cotton yarn (bulky weight)
LOTS of glue from the glue gun
-patience. I recommend doing a test wrap without glue to figure out where you're going to put all of your yarn before starting. I had to re-do the "E" before I got it right.
Because I did ombre it was a little more time consuming, but I love the way they turned out! (This would also be a great project for a monogram!)
Applique sources are listed below the pictures.
 My other piece of advice is this. Take your time! I stared at these things for weeks before I sat down to do them, I took some quiet time, put on some music and just did it.
I also took some paper and sectioned out the letters on where I wanted to change colors. You can barely see it in the top picture, but those were my very rough reference marks. it will make your life easier, just do it with something light and not a sharpie, you don't want your yarn to show through.

My Instagram pic of the work in progress

The Finished product!
 All done!! This was a super fun project and I'm very glad I got them done in time for the baby's arrival!
I love this owl!

 The M's were pretty tricky, but I figured out that if you cut small strips and lay them down in the glue it's much easier than trying to wrap around the triangle shape...that goes for the tops of the M too, once you do that you can glue down the fringe and just wrap over it so it looks seamless. Each letter poses it's own challenge but once you get the hang of it, it will go pretty quickly.
The Rose mentioned in my other posts, I added a slip stitch of the yellow to make it two-toned. I also did the foundation chain in yellow but you can't really see that.

Another close-up of hoots!
Applique sources:


*I found the pattern for "hoots" as I've named him, I got it from this pattern on ravelry.
*Flower on the 2nd "M" is here - I modified the pattern a bit and did the same stitch repeat for the rose (sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) for each of the main petals instead of what the pattern called for.
*The rose is the same I used on my crochet flip flops and winter wreath posts.
* Flower on 1st "M" is here- I also modified this one and I only did one layer. I probably should've done more as I wanted to include more colors but I was exhausted and I liked how it looked after one round of petals.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crochet Embellished Flip Flops

I've seen quite a few pins on Pinterest showing off crochet sandals and I decided that I would make a pair. I bought the flip flops at Michael's for $1.00 and had all of the yarn on hand.

Basically all you're doing is creating a SC (single crochet) around the strap.

Start as close to the base of the sandal as you can!
-make your slipknot around the strap, leave yourself a 4" or so tail so you can weave it in.
-insert your hook under the strap, yo.
-bring your hook up, yo and pull through.
do this all the way around (even the toe part) and when you get to the other end, leave another small tail slip stitch and thread yarn through a tapestry needle.
-bring the yarn up through the inside of the strap, pull tight and cut yarn. smooth it into the strap so it's invisible.

For the rose I used the same pattern from the winter wreath and attached it with the tapestry needle and hiding the yarn ends the same way.

This was a very quick and easy way to spruce up some cheap sandals. Give it a try!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Neon Chevron Blanket

I have been wanting to try making a chevron blanket for awhile now but for some reason I was intimidated by most of the patterns I came across so I didn't bother. But when I decided to have chevron as a design feature in baby's nursery I had to give it a shot.
I did find a pattern here I basically followed it but I made a few changes.
1. I changed colors every 8 rows instead of 10
2. I did not fill in the triangles at the top and bottom of the blanket, I like the ripples.
3. I added a border color (sc all the way around)

After a little over 2 weeks of work it is all done, and I must say, I love it.
yes, the colors are bright for a nursery but I love neon and the yarn was on sale! Obviously you can use any color combo you want but I was feeling adventurous.

Here it is!