Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello Kitty Party

This past weekend was my oldest daughter's 4th birthday party! Today is her actual birthday and while I'm still coming down from the weekend I thought I'd share her birthday party. It was Hello Kitty themed and she loved it. I had a lot of fun planning it and luckily for me HK is absolutely everywhere so it wasn't too hard to find ideas for the party.

First were the invites, these were again done by my lovely friend. She did an amazing job as usual!
Everything after that pretty much fell into place, I decided to go with a small HK cake and coordinating cupcakes. All of the toppers were purchased at Party City. The cake pan and cookie cutters were from Amazon. For the round chocolate decorations on the cake, I got those at JoAnn fabrics in the cake section. They were an easy add on and a less painful way to decorate than piping all of the detail on the cake.
We did another bounce house this year, even though it was much colder than last year all of the kids still had a blast
Door sign from Etsy
Cookies were decorated with edible markers

She's 4!!

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