Thursday, November 21, 2013

Loom Knit Red Sox Dog Sweater

Loom Knit Red Sox Dog Sweater

This sweater was made on the Red Knifty Knitter Loom. And the Red Sox “B” is a crochet applique. This dog is 11” from neck to tail and this fit perfectly.

When you are knitting a project like this one that requires leg holes before you start you should mark on your loom where your leg hole stitches will be. I use 4 stitches as a guide and I center them off of the starting peg. I mark mine by writing on my loom with sharpie but you can easily use stitch markers instead.



Super bulky yarn in grey, and red

Bulky yarn in white for outline

Red Knifty Knitter loom

Loom tool

Crochet hooks 5.5mm (for “B”) and 4.5mm (for outline)

Tapestry Needle




E-wrap cast on
E-wrap for 10 rows
Make brim (if you need help with this there are tons of YouTube videos)
Starting with row 11, e-wrap around to last peg, do not join! For the next row e-wrap in the opposite direction, this will make an opening at the bottom of the sweater.
Continue alternating e-wrap for 10 more rows
Row 21- make leg holes 

(This diagram is for the small blue loom but the same principal applies, also ignore the part about the cables that was for a different sweater)

I'm going to name the pegs A and B, A being the peg on the left and B on the right. Take B, put it on peg A, so now you have two loops, knit off stitch, place back on peg B. it sounds complicated but it's really easy. Then continue for the next 3 pegs until you have 4 empty pegs. After you have your 4 empty pegs, wrap your working yarn around them as a foundation for the next row and continue on knitting around the loom again until you get to your next leg hole pegs, repeat cast off of 4 stitches, and finish the row.

After the leg holes are made, continue with the e-wrap and turn pattern for 25 more rows (a total of 46 rows- this includes collar rows)
Cast off the same way you made the leg holes, leave a 6” tail. You will have a loop left, just weave your tail yarn through the loop and secure into the inside of the sweater. Now turn sweater inside out and sew up the seam ½ inch below the leg holes to the collar to close. Weave in end.
That’s it for the main sweater. If you would like to add the applique, please follow this pattern and sew onto sweater.

Happy Knitting!

*You may sell items from my patterns, all I ask is that you credit my blog*


  1. I don't have a knitting loom but love this Go SOX!!!

  2. i don't knit loom but love this! , i'll have to try and crochet this!