Sunday, July 18, 2021

Resin is not for me

No pictures in this post because I'm annoyed. I found something in the craft world that I absolutely hate working with. RESIN. I only worked with UV resin and only one brand, but from what I experienced, I can confidently say, I won't work with resin ever again. 

It smells, it's messy, it's STICKY and just not my favorite thing. This is something I have zero patience for. I'm so impressed by the people who make it look easy because, crafty is not. 

My first attempt was keychains. Those weren't too bad, I used glitter with them and only did one side. My UV light wasn't adequate so I ended up upgrading but that was another issue. I had also tried badge reels but I couldn't get them to lay flat after curing and they were a mess. I guess my feeling is I have so many other projects that I have going at once and this one in particular was causing me stress and anxitey and frankly wasn't worth my time anymore. I would sit in my craft room for hours wanting to create something but had a block about it because the resin was sitting there taunting me. 

Recently I have been doing a lot of cleaning out of my supplies and decided that they ( and 11 garbage bags of yarn) needed to go. As of now July 2021, there is a lot of supplies available. Contact me through my Facebook page if you are interested. Once they are gone I will update the post. I normally will take longer to see if something is for me or not, but after the last two attempts and getting frustrated I just decided it's best to walk away from it. 

I will still be doing work with vinyl, still be sewing, knitting and crocheting. But as far as making keychains or anything with Resin, if you have something I've made that's going to be it. Mercifully, for my wallet, this is one hobby I won't be going any further into.

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