Monday, February 13, 2012


i've been holding off on writing this post and i don't really know why. ever since i've been exposed to the fabulosity that is Pinterest i've been hooked. i've actually made a couple of the projects that i've seen on there.
The only thing i've taken a picture so far is:
The Lyric Tree from Etsy
The idea is to use any lyrics from a special song. Very cute wedding/anniversary gift.

My version:

The writing in the tree is our wedding song, and i cut out small hearts with our initals on them, put the whole thing in a shadow box with some scrapbook paper accents and called it a day. i had seen this on Pinterest and followed the link to the Etsy page where it was being sold for $65. So after repurposing a frame, this cost me a whopping $0 to make!

i'm loving how pinterest is awakening the creative side of me again, which i love. i love being able to use my hands and make things. i'm working on a couple of new projects that i will be posting soon. 

Back to pinning....

Originally posted on 11/19/11