Monday, April 16, 2012

The Mother Bear Project

I've been knitting for close to 20 years (yes i'm only 28 but I learned quick thanks to my amazing Grandma) and before recently all I ever managed to turn out were scarves and small blankets.
I've been trying to expand my knitting horizons and while doing some surfing on Facebook I came across the Mother Bear Project. MBP is a non profit organization that sends hand knitted and crocheted bears to children in Africa that have been affected by HIV/AIDS.
So I decided to do my part to help and I ordered my kit, which came very quickly I might add!
In the envelope there was a set of knitting needles, yarn, and a pattern, which even for a scardey cat-I'm-only-sticking-to-scarves knitter like me I found the pattern easy to follow.
After another night or two (after I figure out how to sew everything up!) I should be finished and I'll post the finished product here. I can't wait to finish it and start making more bears!
As a bonus I'm impressed with myself that I'm making something more involved and it's given me confidence to try new things!
So if any knitters out there are looking for a project that goes relatively quickly and is also for a great cause, give the Mother Bear Project a try!

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