Sunday, December 29, 2019

Holiday Crafts!

This Holiday Season I was pretty busy with my Air Explore 2. Once I got my Cricut Easy Press out of the box and was brave enough to try it, I fell in love with using Heat Transfer Vinyl and I'm so happy that I have branched out into making different things.

This year my best sellers were the Christmas Elves and Moose from the Dollar Tree. Throw on some HTV to personalize and they were a huge hit.

Another set of really popular items were the customized pot holders and cutting boards. (Also from the Dollar Tree!)

I also made Santa Cams- which were made from Nightlights from the Dollar Tree and cell phone wide lenses also from, you guessed it, the Dollar Tree. Then I used Extreme glitter Mod Podge on the backs of the nightlights to add some sparkle and to cover the scratches that are on them. You can also use frost spray but I didn't like how they came out. Then I just added a small vinyl decal and a tiny rhinestone to look like a Record light. I love how they came out and they were a hit too.

Buffalo Plaid was everywhere this year, including the Dollar Tree, they had these adorable faux fur topped stockings that were perfect for personalization.

Acrylic ornaments were something else that I really enjoyed making this year, I made dozens of them with names, images and they were a little challenging because they are so small but the finished product came out really pretty.

I also made some Teacher/Bus Driver appreciation gifts for my girls and their teachers and the Bus Driver/Montior enjoyed them.

And of course BOWS!

Happy Crafting!

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