Friday, May 1, 2020

DIY Masks!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying safe! I wanted to show a step by step guide of how I make my face masks.
The pattern I used can be found here at Hello Sewing I will note that in the pattern is says to do a 1/2" seam allowance, this ended up being too much and the masks were coming out too small so I have been doing 1/4" for all seam allowances. I also printed the template out on cardstock in each size so I could have them available when I needed them. 
Ok so let's get started. So in this first photo I have the two pieces of fabric for the inner layer, pretty sides together ready to sew. 

and we're ready to sew our first seam.

Here is the first layer sewn together, then I trimmed the excess fabric.

In this step I folded down about 1/4" from the open edges and sewed down a straight line.

Here are the outer layers ready to sew, as always, pretty sides together.

Here are those layers sewn together and the excess trimmed.

Now, put both pretty sides together, line them up and clip. Sew down the straight edge first and then do the curved part. 

This is everything sewn together.

Trim the excess and turn the mask right side out.

Run a top stitch down the top and bottom of the mask

Top stitching is complete! Almost done I promise!

Fold over the extra on the edges to make the sleeves for the straps.
Sew the straps into place.
You are finished!

Another tip was I used my Cricut Mini Press to help with cutting and pressing the lines so I didn't have my bigger iron to deal with. Once the pattern is cut and you get used to making them you can finish a mask in under 30 minutes. I have made over 100 of them so far and and going to need to replenish my fabric stash when this is all over. (oh and I did my own nails during Quarantine using a Polygel nail kit from Amazon, I didn't go to a salon!)
Happy Crafting!

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