Thursday, July 12, 2012

No-Sew T-shirt Scrap TuTu

I don't sew, I love to knit, I can even get away with some basic crochet stitches, but I can't sew. Someday soon I'd love to learn but for now I avoid it like the plague.
I've also avoided making any TuTus for my soon to be 3 (yikes!) year old daughter. I know there are some no-sew versions out there (and I haven't tried them) but I had some old scrap t-shirt fabric lying around (cotton loops) they are 30" long scraps of t-shirt. you can make scarves or headbands or bracelets with them but I figured why not give the TuTu idea a shot.


~40 strips of tulle cut into 6"x18" strips. (it came out a little short so i'd probably make the strips longer next time, these strips were bought as a Snow White TuTu kit, but my daughter loves Spiderman,same colors so I improvised.)

Cotton loops
--I got mine on clearance at Michael's so I'm not sure if these are even sold anymore, however you could always cut a band off of a child's shirt and use that!
Ribbon (optional, i'm going to add some as soon as I get my hands on Spiderman ribbon)

Finishing touch, in this case a foam Spiderman magnet that i hotglued to the finished TuTu

Hot glue gun (duh!)

This doesn't take long once your tulle is cut to size and they are a blast to make!
Naturally if you want a bigger TuTu, don't wrap it 3 times, only do twice. The loops stretch as you wrap the tulle! So keep that in mind when you start. You can see from my photos how the TuTu grows in size from start to finish.

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