Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pink and Zebra TuTu

This one's also no-sew. But it was made with ribbon, and in a nod to my daughter's big girl room theme (Hot Pink and Zebra!)
Here's the TuTu:

Same basic principle as before only instead of the cotton loops i used one large piece of satin ribbon, and a lot of tulle. (60 pieces) it wrapped tighter than on the cotton so there was room for more, which just means more poof!

So, I wrapped all the tulle, then I cut lengths (about 17" long) of grosgrain ribbon (be sure to use Fray Check or a lighter/match to secure your ends!) and tied a knot between the other knots above. nothing too techinical.

Another advantage of having it on the ribbon is that the length can be adjusted as your little girl grows!

*Idea for this method is from Treasures for Tots*

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